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Serimmune COVID-19 Profiling Service

High resolution antibody profiling across the entire SARS-CoV-2 proteome

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What We Do

We are an immune intelligence company providing a holistic view of how the body responds to pathogens and other environmental factors and applying that knowledge to improve health and wellness.

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How We Do It

Our immune mapping technology identifies the entire repertoire of targets (or antigens) against which our immune system is generating antibodies. These antigens derive from a diverse range of pathogens, allergens, foods, and commensals, as well as human tissues in the case of autoimmune disease and cancer. The result is a high-resolution picture of immune responses toward lifetime exposures in individuals and populations.

The immune system is an archive,
storing memories of prior exposure to environmental factors such as pathogens, allergens, and other stimuli.

The memories are stored as unique antibodies that can be decoded and mapped to specific epitopes.

Our digital serology platform connects individual antibodies to their stimulating epitope and ultimately to an environmental factor.

The result is a high resolution picture of the factors that trigger or drive disease — and what immune factors enable patients to recover.

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Why We Do It

Our environment is as important to our health as our genes. Serimmune provides a new window into the environmental exposures encountered throughout life, to uncover those factors that impact our health.

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