Our Development Programs

The immune system is involved in nearly every aspect of human health. As such, being able to make new connections between immunity and health can lead to innovations across the spectrum of health care.


Multiplex Syndromic Testing

With the power of our SERA platform, we can perform an unlimited number of high-performance diagnostic serology tests from a single specimen, making it possible to surveil for a variety of diseases and immune exposures at one time. Our platform also enables dynamic longitudinal monitoring and retrospective analysis of patient sera to determine when a disease started, how it responds to intervention and how that response evolves over time.


Multiplex Infectious Disease Testing

We have developed an expandable tick-borne disease panel that not only diagnoses Lyme disease, but also identifies other pathogens transmitted through tick bites, as well as other pathogens with overlapping symptoms. Our studies suggest that our developmental Lyme disease test may be more sensitive and specific than predicate two-tier testing.

In collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control, we developed novel multiplex assays that outperform current serology algorithms for neglected parasitic diseases including, Chagas disease, Toxoplasmosis, Cysticercosis and other common parasitic diseases.