Discovery Services

The SERA platform can be utilized to identify antibody signatures for diagnostics, disease research and drug development.


Identification of Biomarkers in Cancer and Autoimmune

Immunogenicity and Anti-Drug Antibody

Vaccine Development

Disease Stratification

Infectious Disease Testing

SERA Library

Large universal library - 10 billion 12 mer sequences

Explore epitope diversity and immune response sub-types

Screen and identify disease specific antigens for any disease / organism

Compare samples to identify changes in antibody repertoire in response to disease, treatment, vaccination etc.

Discover epitopes from multiple organisms in the same assay

Large database of non-disease controls available

Ability to screen for novel antigen, epitopes

How it Works

Customer Provides:

50 ul of serum or plasma per sample.

Minimal information about the samples.

Serimmune analyzes each sample for IgG antibodies using its 10 billion member, random 12mer, bacterial peptide display library.

Serimmune performs epitope analysis across the entire proteome using its proprietary IMUNE and PIWAS methodologies.

Serimmune provides summary data and visualizations for each sample, including raw data for subsequent customer analysis.

Sample Requirements


Serum, Plasma and CSF


100ul for Serum or Plasma, 150ul for CSF


Any species with antibodies that are able to bind A/G beads


Samples may be stored for up to 2 weeks at 2-8°C or indefinitely if frozen


Samples may be shipped overnight at ambient temperature
or shipped on wet ice. Blood or serum/plasma samples should be shipped in biohazardous material compliant packaging

Custom assays available upon request