Who We Are

Serimmune is an immune intelligence company focused on identifying and exploiting the universe of relationships between antibodies and antigens. Our proprietary technology provides a holistic view of the circulating antibody repertoire to identify diverse immunogenic factors in disease and health. Serimmune’s human immunity map is a growing database that can be interrogated to fuel the development of multiplex diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics.


Malek Faham, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

John Shon, MD, MS

Chief Technology Officer

Heidi Smith

VP, Finance & Controller

Rocco Raduazo, MBA

VP, Business Development

Kathy Kamath, PhD

Sr. Director, R&D

Jack Reifert, PhD

Sr. Director, R&D/Operations

Board of Directors

Nick Naclerio, PhD

Founding Partner, Illumina Ventures

Bill Welch, MBA

Partner, Illumina Ventures

Kristin Loomis, MBA

President & Executive Director,
HHV-6 Foundation

Patrick Daugherty, PhD

Founder & CSO, Serimmune

Scientific Advisory Board

Elitza Theel, PhD

Mayo Clinic

Felix Feng, MD


Anthony Komaroff, MD

BWH Harvard

Anshul Kundaje, PhD


Patrick Daugherty, PhD

UCSB (Faculty alum)

Gary Schroth, PhD