Partnering Opportunities

We collaborate and partner with academic institutions as well as biopharma and healthcare companies that seek to better understand the antibody-epitope repertoire to empower immune-related research, product development and healthcare decision-making.


Immune Surveillance and Population Health

Serimmune’s immunity map and SERA technology have broad potential in population health, enabling dynamic monitoring and surveillance for hundreds of diseases from a single sample with a universal assay. Comparing an individual’s immune map against our database of thousands of analyzed samples can uncover immune signatures that occur in known diseases. This may allow for earlier disease detection and treatment—even before a patient becomes symptomatic. Additionally, as our database grows for a specific population, new immune signatures for that population can be identified and correlated to health history. The potential for population health improvement and cost savings are significant.


Partners can leverage our SERA technology in antigen discovery, antigen candidate prioritization, and safety and efficacy studies in vaccine development. Measuring an individual’s response to a vaccine as a change over time could provide insights into who the vaccine will work for and who it won’t.


Serimmune’s SERA platform is a powerful tool that pharmaceutical and biotech companies can leverage for target identification and validation. By analyzing healthy and convalescent patients’ immune responses to potentially life-threatening infections, Serimmune can identify therapeutic targets on pathogens as well as fully human neutralizing antibodies towards these targets.


  • Custom multiplex diagnostic panels
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Serological surveillance for exposure and disease in populations
  • Allergy antigen/epitope identification
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